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Only Human: Everyday Behaviors and Cyber Risk

Reports on the increasing frequency of cyber threats have become daily fodder for the news media. High impact cyber attacks are portrayed as being carried out by organized, sophisticated, and deliberate cyber criminals. However, the human factor, everyday behaviors by employees, presents the weakest links in the cyber security chain.

This session will focus on the impact of human factor failures within the third party risk management ecosystem, and how you can ensure appropriate controls are applied to all those who have access to sensitive data both inside and outside of the company.

Cost: Free / Credits: 1 CPE
  • Ron Bradley
    Vice President, Shared Assessments
    Ron Bradley has been involved with Shared Assessments in some capacity for over 15 years. With a depth of experience building TPRM programs in financial services (Bank of America) and manufacturing (Reynolds, Trane Technologies), Ron understands how cultures and organizations drive the supply chain and third-party process. As Vice President, Ron strives to use his extensive knowledge of Third-Party Risk Management to help organizations build programs that realize the full potential of the Shared Assessments toolkit.
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  • Husnain Bajwa
    Vice President Field Engineering/Office of the CTO, Beyond Identity
    Husnain Bajwa serves as Vice President Field Engineering/Office of the CTO for Beyond Identity. He has over 25 years of experience in large-scale networks, infrastructure platforms, and cybersecurity including supply chain and third party risk management. Previously, Husnain held technology leadership roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba Networks, Ericsson, and BelAir Networks.
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  • Nasser Fattah
    Senior Advisor, Shared Assessments
    Nasser has 20+ years as a Cybersecurity, Supply Chain, and IT leader. With a focus on customer-first and team-building approaches, Fattah is able to align programs to support company strategies, regulatory requirements, and growth initiatives. He drives cybersecurity, supply chain, and IT as enablers for enterprise-wide transformation initiatives. He partners with executives to identify and select strategic external partners to deliver essential IT and cybersecurity services to the business. Nasser worked with global parent companies and subsidiaries to establish technology standards to maximize investments and operations efficacy to best support business needs and growth. Nasser has a strong, consistent record working successfully with Business and IT executives, regulators, auditors, and risk partners. Nasser also teaches cybersecurity at several colleges and is the chair for North America Shared Assessments – an industry best practices for the supply chain.
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