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Join your peers to identify, discuss and address the issues you (and your management) feel are top priorities for resolution. Participate in a global community of risk management professionals and help create the world’s most comprehensive standards for evaluating third party risk.

"Integrating the full range of Shared Assessments content into our GRC platform gives our customers streamlined vendor management tools, empowering them to better manage the governance, risk and compliance issues surrounding their third-party relationships."
— Chris Caldwell, CEO, LockPath

About Shared Assessments Program Membership

Shared Assessments members are national and international organizations of all sizes that understand the importance of comprehensive standards for managing third party risk. They include financial institutions, healthcare organizations, energy/utility, retailers and telecommunications companies. They are service providers of all sizes, consulting companies and assessment firms. They are the best in their class, members of a global community of vendor risk management professionals who understand the value of implementing efficient and effective industry-standard practices.

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Become a Shared Assessments Program member at a reduced rate! Reduce your annual membership cost by the total amount of your Shared Assessments Program Tool purchase, if done so within 6 months of your Program Tool purchase. Use the form on the right side of this page to contact us for additional details.

As a Shared Assessments Program member, your company gains opportunities to deepen its risk management expertise. Members gain access to members-only meetings, events and teleconferences and earn CPE credits. Cross-industry working groups discuss the regulatory climate, including NIST, FFIEC, ISO, HIPAA and PCI.

Members with special expertise may contribute legal, compliance, privacy, procurement or other expertise to the Shared Assessments Program.

Benefits of Membership

As participants in a global community of leaders from information security, privacy, business continuity, compliance, enterprise risk management and corporate governance, members gain opportunities for collaboration, brand visibility and professional development. Shared Assessments Program members receive many important benefits, including:

Risk Management Expertise
By working with other risk professionals, you have the opportunity to increase the breadth and depth of your risk management expertise. Shared Assessments members have numerous opportunities to gain visibility and spend time with their peers developing best practices to address the most meaningful industry issues including:

  • Ongoing development of Shared Assessments vendor risk evaluation standards. By working on one of the Program’s Standing Committees (SIG, AUP or VRMMM) members have the opportunity to continue to refine the Program’s Tools. New risk control areas are added, and existing risk areas are enhanced, based on the issues members encounter every day. Recently added risk areas include: End User Device Security and Server Security. This member input is what keeps the Shared Assessments Program Tools on the leading edge of third party risk assurance issues.
  • Participate in Special Projects and Awareness Groups. Join your peers to identify, discuss and address the issues you (and your management) feel are top priorities for resolution. Projects and Awareness Groups are defined by the members to ensure that the most relevant topics are being addressed. Topics currently under consideration range from addressing the operational risks presented by the Cloud, to the international issues of data breach legislation in the EU. More detailed information on committees, special projects and interest groups can be found on the Member Projects page.
  • Participants in Shared Assessments committees, projects and special interest groups earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits while demonstrating risk management and compliance leadership.
  • Presenting at Shared Assessments events.
  • Presenting with your peers at other events. Shared Assessments is regularly asked to provide risk experts to speak at other conferences and events.
  • Author/co-author papers for publication. In addition to speaking, Shared Assessments is often asked to contribute to and develop papers on current risk issues by industry publications.
  • Become a guest blogger on the Shared Assessments website. Share your (and your company’s) expertise in risk management by addressing current topics and issues on the Shared Assessments blog “Authorities on Risk Assurance”.

As part of the community of Shared Assessments members, you have the opportunity to:

  • Join the monthly Member Forum and other special interest calls. Listen to key industry and regulatory thought leaders presenting on the latest developments in third party risk management and regulatory compliance. Ask questions and interact with your peers to gain further insight into current events and issues.
  • Attend the Shared Assessment Summit, an annual two day in-person forum providing expertise on the outsourcing landscape, regulator insights, updates on global trends and other third party risk management topics of interest.
  • Meet our Shared Assessments Partners–both assessment firms and licensees to learn how they use the content contained in the Program’s Tools to develop solutions to further enhance your third party management processes.
  • Have visibility as a member of a global community of risk management leaders.
  • Have your company name and logo prominently displayed on the Shared Assessments website, in promotional materials and at Shared Assessments events.
  • Obtain member discounts on sponsorships and exhibitorships at the Shared Assessments Summit.


  • Access to third party risk management training and education, white papers, project documents and case studies.
  • Access to peer risk management professionals via our Member Directory.
  • Access to all the Shared Assessments Program Tools, which provide a rigorous standard for building and enhancing risk management capabilities.
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