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Assessment Firm

Assessment Firm

Assessment Firms work with the Shared Assessments onsite assessment tool, the Standardized Control Assessment (SCA) for organizations that need validation of their vendor risk controls.

Shared Assessments Firms who perform the SCA procedures, must comply with the Shared Assessments SCA Standards for distributable reports. Deadline for compliance is June 30, 2021.

Looking for an Assessor? Visit our directory of Shared Assessments Assessment Firm members.


  • Full rights to use the Shared Assessments standards – the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire, the Standardized Control Assessment (SCA) tool for onsite assessments, the Third Party Privacy Tools and the Vendor Risk Management Maturity Model (VRMMM).
  • Reputational and brand visibility among the Membership as a software provider built on the Shared Assessments standard.
  • Opportunity to work alongside industry members to shape the Program tools.
  • Participation in members only content development and awareness groups to author white papers, studies and present webinars.
  • Access to participate in and present to the Shared Assessments membership through workshops, the Shared Assessments Summit and member forum calls.
  • Discounts on registrations, sponsorships and exhibitorships at the Shared Assessments Summit, an annual two day in-person event providing expertise and discussion on the outsourcing landscape, regulator insights, global trends and other vendor risk management topics.
  • Discounts on the Certified Third Party Risk Professional (CTPRP) and Certified Third Party Risk Assessor (CTPRA) workshops and exams.

Our Shared Assessments membership helps us work more effectively with clients, streamlining vendor management processes and ensuring a rigorous evaluation process.

Ken Peterson

CEO, Churchill & Harriman

Shared Assessments Advisory Board Member, Steering Committee Member and Liaison between the Advisory Board and the Steering Committee


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