On-Demand Events

Missed a recent webinar or Member Forum Call? Catch our previous virtual sessions here. We now offer CPEs from most of our on-demand offerings. To earn CPEs, please submit your information and codes in the form linked below. Note: our on-demand recordings work best when viewed in the Chrome browser.

September Member Forum Call – Explore the Quantum Computing Revolution: Unleashing Unimaginable Data Processing Speeds

Join us as industry experts delve into the impending shifts brought about by quantum computing advancements. Prepare for a future where data processing reaches unprecedented speeds, propelling us into ...


✔ Charlie Miller

Senior Advisor, Shared Assessments

✔ Konstantinos Karagiannis

Director, Quantum Computing Services, Protiviti

Webinar – Beyond the Questionnaire: Tips to Modernize Your TPRM Program

Third-Party Risk Management programs must manage a delicate balance between keeping up with new threats, navigating the evolving regulatory landscape, introducing new technologies, and always trying t ...


✔ Ed Thomas

Senior Vice President, ProcessUnity

✔ Colleen Milazzo

Senior Vice President, TPR Software Products, Shared Assessments

Webinar – The Future of Third Party Risk Management: Navigating the Risk and Reward of AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are evolving rapidly, bringing the potential to transform Third Party Risk Programs and paving the way for remarkable efficiencies. ...


✔ Charlie Miller

Senior Advisor, Shared Assessments

✔ Niall Browne

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks

✔ Phil Bennett

Manager, Information Security Governance, Horizontal Services, Navy Federal Credit Union, Vienna, Virginia

✔ Daniel Christman

Manager of AI Programs and Co-Founder, Cranium

Webinar – Where Contracting Fits in the Third-Party Risk Lifecycle: 5 Opportunities for Optimization

Managing the third-party lifecycle involves stakeholders across many business units: information security, privacy, legal, finance, procurement, and others. When these teams collaborate to streamline ...


✔ Shea Hanson

Strategic Solutions Engineer. GRCP, CTPRP, OneTrust

✔ Andrew Moyad

CEO, Shared Assessments

August Member Forum Call – When It’s Time to Say Goodbye: Vendor Exit Strategies and Plans

Creating an effective vendor exit strategy and plan means that when it’s time to part ways with your vendor, your organization can minimize disruptions, control expenses, and limit negative impacts ...


✔ Andrew Moyad

CEO, Shared Assessments

✔ Hilary Jewhurst

Head of Third-Party Risk Education & Advocacy, Venminder

Quick SIG Demo

This is a quick introduction to the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire. In less than 15 minutes, this recording presents how to:

  • Scope questionnaires using the SIG
  • ...

  • July Member Forum Call – Dive Deeper: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Overcoming Challenges within TPRM

    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery programs are essential for business operations, and especially important for those relying on third-party providers. Internal and external factors can hinder TP ...


    ✔ John D. Beattie, FBCI

    Principal Consultant, 11:11 Systems

    ✔ Mark Orsi

    CEO, Global Resilience Federation

    ✔ Elizabeth Dunsmoor

    TPRM Principal , Shared Assessments

    Webinar – Out of the DARk: Shining Light on the Ransomware Threat

    In today’s digital age, cyber threats are a rising concern to organizations, ransomware being one of the most insidious of those threats. Join subject matter experts from Shared Assessments and Digi ...

    Simplify Reporting Against the 5 Most Impactful Third-Party Risk Management Regulations

    This session explores how to simplify meeting reporting obligations for the most impactful third-party risk management regulations and requirements including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and SOX. The right risk ...


    ✔ Alastair Parr

    Senior Vice President, Global Products & Risk, Prevalent

    ✔ Ron Parham

    Vice President of Risk Regulations & Compliance, Shared Assessments

    June Member Forum Call – Ransomware Best Practices for Third Party Risk Professionals Webinar

    In this session, we provide an enterprise-wide, TPRM-focused approach to ransomware. Discussion includes meaningful process and program guidance improvements and practical tools for organizations of a ...


    ✔ Marya Roddis

    Senior Technical Editor & Founder, Technical Consulting Firm, S.U.N.

    ✔ Bob Jones

    Senior Advisor, Shared Assessments

    ✔ Martin Freeman

    Cyber Security and Compliance Managing Director, Calastone