John Finizio
Head of Account Development

Located in the heart of the Silicon Slopes in Utah, Whistic is a leading vendor assessment platform built for companies focused on protecting data and proactively managing security reviews. Whistic enhances evaluation of third-party vendor networks while improving the process of gathering, sending, receiving, and storing assessment information; thereby promoting mature vendor risk management programs. Whistic’s automated, streamlined platform also reduces the manual, time consuming effort that is typically synonymous with performing and responding to security questionnaires. Whistic is designed for an intuitive, collaborative user experience from initial vendor onboarding to ongoing assessment, and harnesses the wisdom of hundreds of security professionals to consistently deliver risk insights through its patent-pending CrowdConfidence scoring algorithm. For more information visit https://www.whistic.com,read the latest on the Whistic blog or follow Whistic on Twitter @Whistic_Inc.

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