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What is the CTPRP Exam Process?

The Shared Assessments CTPRP examination is administered following the course lecture and consists of 145 multiple choice and true/false questions. Participants will have two hours to complete the examination. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass the examination.


What is a typical time commitment for the CTPRP Workshop and Exam?

The Shared Assessments CTPRP workshop and examination is a 1.5 day event consisting of a full day of workshop instruction followed by the examination. A typical event timeline is as follows:


Time:  8:00-5:00pm


Time: 8:00-10:00am


Time: 10:00-12:00pm

What topics are covered within the CTPRP course lecture?

A full list of the topics covered within the Shared Assessments CTPRP workshop can be found on the Risk Assessor Body of Knowledge.

Does my professional experience qualify for the CTPRP designation?

Individuals interested in obtaining the Shared Assessments CTPRP certification are required to hold a minimum of five years experience as a risk management professional. Listed below is an example of the type of experience that qualifies:

  • Third party risk management/assessment (either generally or IT specific)
  • Audit and/or compliance
    • Experience with determining whether organizations are executing risk controls against specific standards
  • The risk control areas assessed as part of the third party assessment process o Business continuity planning (BCP), access control, privacy, etc.
    • Knowledge in the importance of risk controls and determining if controls are adequate.

 Individuals who do not hold the prerequisite five years work experience in the above fields will qualify for the Associate CTPRP designation.

Where can I find upcoming courses?

All upcoming courses can be found here.


I have a group of people who want to become certified. Do you offer private trainings for organizations?

The Shared Assessments Program can accommodate private training events for organizations willing to certify 10 or more people. Please contact for more information.


What is included within the registration cost?

The CTPRP registration cost includes a hardcopy of the course booklet which is mailed approximately two weeks in advance of each scheduled event date, attendance at the CTPRP instructor-led workshop and examination. 

How do I maintain my certification?

In order to retain your certification, CTPRP holders must comply with the following requirements:

  •  Successfully earn the required number of 20 CPE credits annually for a total of 60 CPE credits per three year certification period;
  • Remain current with payments for the $100 annual maintenance and renewal fee;
  • Successfully abide by the Shared Assessments Code of Ethics.

Am I able to take only the exam and not the workshop?

In order to participate in the Shared Assessments CTPRP examination you must also participate in the CTPRP workshop lecture.

What is the certification process?

Individuals who are interested in obtaining the Shared Assessments CTPRP designation must complete the following process in order to be awarded the CTPRP designation:

  • Attend a scheduled CTPRP instructor-led workshop.
  • Successfully pass the CTPRP examination.
  • Submit the CTPRP Proof of Experience form detailing the prerequisite five years experience as a risk management professional.

 The CTPRP designation will be awarded to those who complete the three steps indicated above. Individuals who do not meet the prerequisite five years experience as a risk management professional will be awarded the Associate CTPRP designation.

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