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Webinar – Third-Party Risk Management: It’s Time to Change How You Approach Vendor Assessments

Traditional vendor assessments are slow, incomplete, and overwhelmed by growing vendor numbers. Forward-thinking TPRM teams are changing the way they approach vendor assessments and revolutionizing the process with new ways of thinking and utilizing game-changing technologies. This session will explore ways to build a data-driven TPRM program, save resources, and elevate the perceptions of TPRM within your company.
  • Ed Thomas
    Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales Operations, ProcessUnity
    Ed Thomas is a Senior Vice President at ProcessUnity, with an extensive background in Third-Party Risk Management. A seasoned expert in the field, Ed has years of experience guiding organizations on their journey to establish efficient and effective risk management programs. Combining his deep industry knowledge with practical insights, Ed aims to assist organizations in realizing the full potential of their TPRM programs.
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  • Elizabeth Dunsmoor
    TPRM Principal, Shared Assessments
    Elizabeth recently joined Shared Assessments as a TPRM SME after 15 years as a TPRM practitioner. She has experience designing holistic programs and delivering assessment work within the cybersecurity, financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. Outside the office, Elizabeth takes full advantage of the beaches and outdoor activities enjoyed by so many Floridians.
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