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Top 5 Tips to Scale Your Third-Party Security Risk Program

The “cloud-first” strategy at many companies today translates into an ever-increasing number of third-parties, and even greater number of risks. While cybersecurity technology is better than ever, in a world where so much of every business operation is outsourced, your third-parties’ attack surface is your attack surface -- and your existing cyber stack may not help you. This webinar will explore the top 5 tips to effectively scale a third-party cyber risk management program in order to manage the mounting number of third-parties
  • Colleen Milazzo
    SVP of Third Party Risk Software Products, Shared Assessments
    Colleen leads the TPRM software team in the development of software products/tools for third party-risk assurance. Colleen has over 20 years of experience within the financial services industry and consulting. She has led programs associated with risk management, procurement/contract negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, and business process reengineering. She has regulatory and global experience executing portfolios to meet the corporate strategy.
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  • Dov Goldman
    Director of Risk and Compliance, Panorays
    Dov has years of experience in the third-party risk and compliance field, as well as a long history as a serial entrepreneur, software and network engineer. Dov focuses on the evolving best practices and industry standards in third-party management and regulatory compliance. Previously, Dov was VP of innovation at Opus, director of product marketing at Navigant, and founder and CEO of Cognet Corp and Dynalog Technologies. Dov has spoken at industry events around the world and has been quoted in numerous industry press articles, as well as The Wall Street Journal, about information security and privacy.
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