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For over 20 years, Protecht has redefined the way people think about risk management with the most complete, cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions. Protecht helps organizations increase performance and achieve strategic objectives through better understanding, monitoring and management of risk.

Protecht provides complete risk solutions, including the world-class Protecht ERM SaaS enterprise risk management platform, as well as compliance, training and advisory services, to businesses, government organizations and regulators across the world.

Protecht ERM is a single, interconnected platform that produces a holistic view of risk while being simple and easy to use. Protecht has helped hundreds of organizations move away from spreadsheets and email to a more efficient and effective way to manage risk and compliance.

Protecht ERM includes a Vendor Risk Management solution that provides end-to-end visibility of third-party supplier relationships, supports monitoring vendors throughout the relationship lifecycle, and links vendor risk management to your organization’s broader performance and risk profile.

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