Nasser Fattah

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Nasser Fattah

Executive Advisor, RiskLogix LLC

Nasser has 20+ years as a Cybersecurity, Supply Chain and IT leader.

With a focus on customer-first and team building approaches, Fattah is able to align programs to support company strategies, regulatory requirements, and growth initiatives.

He drives cybersecurity, supply chain and IT as enablers for enterprise-wide transformation initiatives.  He partners with executives to identify and select strategic external partners to deliver essential IT and cybersecurity services to the business.

Nasser worked with global parent company and subsidiaries to establish technology standards to maximize investments and operations efficacy to best support business needs and growth.

Nasser has a strong, consistent record working successfully with Business and IT executives, regulators, auditors, and risk partners.

Nasser also teaches cybersecurity at several colleges, and is the chair for North America Shared Assessments – an industry best practices for supply chain.

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