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Archer is a certified licensee for the Shared Assessments SIG 2024 content and enables you to simplify your SIG questionnaire process with the 2024 Shared Assessments Standard Information Gathering Template (SIG) Questionnaire. The SIG question library has been organized and formatted to allow the files to be easily imported into Archer for use within a questionnaire or Archer Engage for Venders. Archer enables you to determine how you are managing risks within a service provider’s environment in one location.

Archer is a leading provider of integrated risk management (IRM) solutions that enable customers to improve strategic decision-making and operational resilience with a modern technology platform that supports qualitative and quantitative analysis driven by both business and IT impacts. As true  pioneers in GRC software, Archer remains solely dedicated to helping customers manage risk and compliance domains, from traditional operational risk to emerging issues such as ESG. With over 20 years in the risk management industry, the Archer customer base represents one of the largest pure risk management communities globally, with more than 1,200 customers including more than 50% of the Fortune 500.

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