AI Rising: Elevated Risk Management

AI Rising: Elevated Risk Management

May 6, 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Shared Assessments Marketplace Reaches New Heights With Mirato

Envisioned as a central hub for our Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Members and Subscribers to discover, compare, and evaluate a variety of risk management solutions from different platform and service providers, the Shared Assessments Marketplace is growing!

How Emerging Technologies Elevate Risk Management

We are excited to announce that Mirato, an artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) powered software platform for risk management, has joined the Shared Assessments Marketplace.

The Mirato platform transforms TPRM programs by streamlining an entire operation’s data (questionnaires, evidence documents, and more) into one platform. Mirato turns this data into actionable intelligence using AI. These advanced technologies pre-answer up to 93% of your TPRM questionnaires saving up to 60% of assessment costs and time.

Machine Insights For Smarter Risk Management Decisions

Mirato joining the Shared Assessments Marketplace marks another milestone in recognizing how state-of-the-art technologies can elevate risk management practice. The need for rapid data analysis is increasingly urgent, and AI has become synonymous with potentially incredible efficiency gains for TPRM programs. Shared Assessments is fully supportive of Mirato’s mission to use machine insights to enable smarter human decisions,” shares Andrew Moyad, CEO of Shared Assessments.

Further aligned with Mirato in our dedication to serving organizations and people who manage risks associated with their vendors and suppliers, Shared Assessments is thrilled to bring forward Mirato on the Shared Assessments Marketplace.

Aki Eldar, CEO of Mirato, adds that “It has been said that software is eating the world. Software has changed the way we live beyond recognition and it has also changed our risk landscape. It is about time that software (and at its pinnacle, AI) change the way we manage risk to reduce assessment time and cost by 60%. Mirato is thrilled to work with Shared Assessments. Together, we are giving Shared Assessments Members and Subscribers the best of breed in risk management, the best assessment standards, and the most efficient way to assess vendor risk”.

Mirato Connects With Shared Assessments Community

Members and Subscribers who become users of the Mirato platform via the Shared Assessments Marketplace will receive two months of complimentary use of the Mirato platform as well as added Shared Assessments benefits.

Shared Assessments Members and Subscribers can access the Mirato offer by logging in to the Shared Assessments Website. From there, navigate to the User Portal or the Marketplace to click through to Mirato’s landing page. Once you have entered your information, Mirato will connect with you to introduce their team and platform.

How Does Mirato Fit Into My TPRM Program?

Traditional solutions for third-party risk management include GRC and TPRM platforms that guide and streamline workflow processes. Mirato focuses on automating the manual work that      workflows support. Mirato can be added to any existing program to leverage the most of your existing technologies and data. Mirato is the key to evolving      your existing risk management technology stack.

About Mirato

Mirato is the pioneer provider of AI-driven solutions for the Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) market. Leveraging proprietary AI to enhance and streamline risk assessments. By adopting Mirato’s solutions, organizations can reduce up to 60% in both time and costs, enhancing their ability to mitigate risks in a rapidly evolving risk landscape. This technology effectively eliminates tedious and repetitive manual efforts, revolutionizing traditional risk management practices.. For more information, visit

About Shared Assessments

Shared Assessments was founded in 2005 to create standards and efficiencies in third-party risk assessments. Today, our members and risk professionals span all major industry verticals, including energy, financial services, government, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and retail.

Our member-driven community advances best practices and standards in a shifting third-party risk landscape, empowering practitioners to navigate their careers and build stronger TPRM programs. Shared Assessments is a trusted community, providing peer-to-peer connection, conversation, and collaboration.

In a rapidly evolving regulatory and risk environment, Shared Assessments’ products incorporate industry standards and the collective intelligence of our diverse member base to keep third-party risk management programs current. Through education and thought leadership, Shared Assessments provides training, guidance, and best practices to practitioners to navigate their careers in the industry and build stronger TPRM programs.

Shared Assessments is a trusted community providing peer-to-peer connection, conversation, and collaboration through networking, events, and committees.

Access The Mirato Offer

Automate smart processes, effectively mitigate risk and save yourself work so you can “make the most of your time and intellect” while navigating a risk landscape of ever-increasing complexity!

Are you a member of Shared Assessments and interested in bringing your organization’s service or solution offering to the Marketplace? Connect with us here.

Are you interested in this offer, but not yet a Shared Assessments subscriber or member? Connect with us to gain a full picture understanding of our member benefits.

Are you a Shared Assessments member or subscriber? Login to access the Mirato offer via the User Portal or the Marketplace.

Sabine Zimmer

Sabine is Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Shared Assessments. Sabine enjoys collaborating across teams to build a stronger risk management community. When she's not at work, she is outdoors in the Southwest with her family.

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