An ESG Gift List for 2022

An ESG Gift List for 2022

by Eric Krell | December 20, 2021 | Corporate Culture

All risk managers want for Christmas from the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics they work with is standardization. And accuracy. A single repository of shared ESG data also would be nice. While we’re at it, regulatory clarity and harmonization between Generally Accepted Accountin ....

Could TPRM Have Kept Blood Off The Boards Hands

Theranos Trial: Could TPRM Have Kept Blood Off The Board’s Hands?

by Sabine Zimmer | September 23, 2021 | Board of Directors, Corporate Culture

Our collective ears at Shared Assessments perk up when “third party” is mentioned as evidence in a court room. A high-profile jury trial is unfolding in San Jose, California, and testimony has pointed to the use of third parties in concealing the fraud. Theranos, a failed Silicon Valley blo ....


ESG Risk In TPRM – Webinar Summary

by Vivian Nguyen | September 16, 2021 | Corporate Culture, Third Party Risk Management

As third party risk management programs are being tasked to assist their organizations' ESG (environmental, social, and governance) efforts with their most critical suppliers and vendors, TPRM teams have been left scratching their collective heads and asking “what does this mean to me?”  &nb ....

Big Data

Doing the Right Thing Reduces Data Breach Cost

by Sabine Zimmer | June 9, 2021 | Corporate Culture, Data & Cybersecurity, Data Breach

Forbes states firms spend $36 billion collecting, storing, and analyzing large amounts of customer data annually. These voluminous, valuable datasets give companies an insightful edge, but can also cause costly headaches when “big data” is breached.   Ponemon Institute’s comprehensi ....

Ethical AI

The Future of Everything – Especially Ethical AI

by Sabine Zimmer | May 13, 2021 | Corporate Culture

The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival just ended. Socialite Paris Hilton was there. Contemporary Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei was there. And, Shared Assessments was there to take in a few sessions.   The session most relevant to Risk Management and Privacy was an ....

reputational risk

Your Reputation Is Your Wealth

by Laura Waller | May 11, 2021 | Corporate Culture, Supply Chain

Imagine cracking open a fortune cookie and finding this sage advice on the paper slip: “Your reputation is your wealth.”   A recent Shared Assessments’ Operational/Industrial Technology Risk Management Working Group meeting cracked open this cookie as they examined reputation and ex ....

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