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Crisis Prepareness

Crisis Preparedness Month: 5 Risk Management Areas to Address

by Kristen Hicks | September 7, 2021 | Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Incident Reponse, Pandemic Planning, Supply Chain

On a normal day when life is going well, no one wants to think about disasters. Committing time and budget to crisis preparedness can be a hard sell for businesses facing priorities that feel more immediate. Yet investing in preparation in advance is how you keep a crisis from turning into an absolu ....


Strategies for Building Resilience

by John Bree, Bob Jones, Kaelyn Lewis, Gary Roboff | July 1, 2021 | Business Continuity, Business Resiliency

Resilience is a watchword for every risk management team and every governing board. Resilience represents the ability of entities to avoid, prevent, adapt, respond to, recover from, and learn from operational disruptions.[i] While ensuring business continuity is a key aspect of business resilience, ....


5 Resilience Misperceptions that the Pandemic Dispelled

by Eric Krell | June 28, 2021 | Business Continuity, Business Resiliency

When discerning what the pandemic taught us about business resilience, the lessons contain good news and bad news. On a positive note, we learned that effective business resilience, much like psychological resilience, is the result of “ordinary magic.” Organizations that demonstrated the grea ....

TPRM trends

3 Business Resilience Trends and their TPRM Implications

by Eric Krell | June 20, 2021 | Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Pandemic Planning

Click through articles on business resilience and you’ll find more Three Little Pigs analogies than you can shake a straw, stick or brick at. The comparison makes sense from a strategic perspective: the more expertise, money and care an organization invests in building a sound risk management stru ....

Risk Operations Center

Horizon Scanning, Predictive Analytics & Risk Operations Center – An Overview

by Phil Bennett, John Bree, Alpa Inamdar, Bob Jones, Kaelyn Lewis, Charlie Miller, Gary Roboff | May 19, 2021 | Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Supply Chain

Risk Operations Centers provide a single, centralized resource point for risk and resiliency governance. When incorporated into organizational governance regimes they can provide real-time, ongoing horizon scanning and predictive information. To be practical, there must be the capacity to receive, a ....

reputational risk

Your Reputation Is Your Wealth

by Laura Waller | May 11, 2021 | Corporate Culture, Supply Chain

Imagine cracking open a fortune cookie and finding this sage advice on the paper slip: “Your reputation is your wealth.”   A recent Shared Assessments’ Operational/Industrial Technology Risk Management Working Group meeting cracked open this cookie as they examined reputation and ex ....

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