Take 5 To Take In The Top 5: Risk Management Reading and Webinars

Take 5 To Take In The Top 5: Risk Management Reading and Webinars

Dec 17, 2021 | Third Party Risk Management

Risk Reading

Ahhhh, winter break….maybe you are cozied up at home with some time on your hands. Or, perhaps you have been left behind at the ski lodge. Here or there, how about taking in some riveting Risk Management literature and video?

Our top five most-read studies and papers in 2021 have been:

Our top five most-viewed webinars in 2021 have been:


C Suite Call to Action Risk Management Through A Different Lens 1

This paper provides a quick overview and concrete action steps that help organizations achieve superior outcomes over time. Traditional approaches that rely solely on point-in-time assessments can no longer keep up with rapidly changing or emerging risks. Determine how to make your program work comprehensively and with dexterity within the organization’s mission, goals, and responsibilities.

Access the C-Suite Call to Action – Risk Management Through A Different Lens paper here.

Complex Supply Chains Gaining Visibility Into Nth Party Governance 1

This briefing paper provides insight into gaining greater supply chain sovereignty by identifying critical dependencies across both inbound and outbound supply chains. Adopting this proactive stance provides many opportunities for organizations, including being ready to respond to the regulatory changes reverberating across industries.

Access the Complex Supply Chains – Gaining Visibility into Nth Party Governance paper here.

Streamlining Due Diligence 1

This Building Best Practices resource:

  • Examines how to improve due diligence assessment productivity.
  • Identifies a strong strategy that leverages control verification reports.
  • Documents a means of examining existing artifacts to more efficiently scope any remaining due diligence.

A practitioner tool is provided to house a consolidated record of the reports, facilitate gap analysis, document closing of deltas, and summarize results.

Access Using the SCA in Complement with Other Assessments: Streamlining Due Diligence study here.

Role of ERM in Managing Risks Related to New Technologies

The Role of ERM in Managing Risks Related to New Technologies and its companion Executive Summary document examines the challenges that come with significant technology shifts, such as IoT, AI, 5G, and quantum encryption and computing; and the valuable role that the board and C-suite can play in helping organizations to recognize and respond to the risks that emerging technology can present.

Access The Role of ERM in Managing Risks Related to New Technologies study here.

A New Roadmap for Third Party IoT Risk Management 1

A New Roadmap for Third Party IoT Risk Management is the Shared Assessments’ fourth annual collaborative study with The Ponemon Institute. This year’s report underscores the acute need for IoT risk management improvement. New insights in this year’s study crystallize a set of leading practices for reducing IoT-related risks. Areas ripe for action include governance, risk and asset management practices, and resource allocation.

Access A New Roadmap for Third Party IoT Risk Management study here.


Top 5 Emerging Third Party Risk Threats How To Prepare For The Next 12 Months

Large-scale supply chain disruptions. Ransomware attacks. SolarWinds. Kaseya. Remote assessments for the time being. The third-party risk climate is continually changing – but how has your organization adapted and what will the next 12 months look like for your team? Join Alastair Parr, SVP Products & Risk, Prevalent, and Tom Garrubba, Shared Assessments Vice President, as they discuss the new normal in third-party risk management.

The webinar will: review effective remote assessment methodologies, examine the value of proactive event management to head off potential security incidents, discuss ways to assess supply chain resilience to improve assurance, identify how to develop stronger third-party situational awareness, and define and map key controls to ensure vendors stay on track.

Watch the Top 5 Emerging Third Party Risk Threats Webinar here.

ESG Risk What TPRM Needs to Know

Third party risk management programs are being tasked to assist their organizations’ ESG (environmental, social, and governance) efforts with their most critical suppliers and vendors, leaving TPR teams scratching their collective heads and asking “what does this mean to me?” Shared Assessments and ESG experts will help answer this and other ESG risk questions as the industry navigates this new and winding road.

Watch the ESG Risk: What TPRM Needs to Know Webinar here.

Reporting – Evidence Your TPR Programs Value 1

Reporting drives critical business decisions. Presenting a cohesive report allows you to communicate to your direct management, C-suite, and Boardroom your program’s value and maturity to the overall strategy of the organization.

Watch the Reporting – Evidence Your TPR Program’s Value Webinar here.

Continuous Monitoring in TPRM Expert Answers To Your Most Common Questions

We hear the same common challenges from third party risk managers implementing Continuous Monitoring into their programs. In this session we will hear from third party risk and Continuous Monitoring experts on how to optimize your program.

Watch the Continuous Monitoring in TPRM Webinar here.

Taking The Pulse Of Nth Parties In A Post COVID World 1

As COVID has highlighted supply chain challenges, concern has grown around how third party risk professionals are monitoring their downstream or “Nth” parties. This webinar offers an overview of the tools and techniques used by experienced risk professionals to measure and address the risks introduced by vendors of vendors. With practical ways to identify and manage fourth parties, you will get a better sense of your threat radar as you ensure your Nth parties are in alignment with your risk posture.

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