Access (See also Conditional Access)

Access (See also Conditional Access)

Nov 8, 2018

(1) The ability to physically or logically enter or make use of an IT system or area (secured or unsecured.) The process of interacting with a system. (2) The controlled ability or right to obtain, retrieve, alter, destroy, duplicate, copy, scan, photograph, use, examine, print, read, enter, exit, communicate with, and/or view systems or information stored in any media including but not limited to paper, x-ray, film, a computer’s memory, and electronic media such as an internal or external hard drive, a backup tape, or a USB (Universal Serial Bus) stick. For assessments, this term may refer directly to scoped target data or systems. This term includes virtual, digital, and physical access. Source: FFIEC IT Examination Handbook, Information Security. 2021.

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