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Guide: ESG In The 2023 SIG

In our 2023 Third-Party Risk management Product Suite, we have 131 questions that cover Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) within the Standardized Information Gathering (SIG) Questionnaire. ESG is now its own risk domain which allows users to scope an ESG-specific SIG. You will be able to co ....

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C-Suite Call to Action - Risk Management Through A Different Lens

This paper provides a quick overview and concrete action steps that will help organizations achieve superior outcomes over time. Traditional approaches that rely solely on point-in-time assessments can no longer keep up with rapidly changing or emerging risks. Determine how to make your program work ....

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The Board's Role in Realizing Effective Risk Management

In practice, governing boards are the last line of defense in ensuring critical risk management processes are effective. However, recent high profile incidents highlight the need for a greater role for boards in mitigating risks. These events serve as a stark example of why boards must become proact ....

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Tone at the Top Paper

DID YOU KNOW? Consensus is quickly growing that an effective risk culture cannot be developed without a “Tone at the Top” that demonstrates, beyond doubt, that the Board and C-Suite are active in building and maintaining an effective enterprise risk management culture and program, inclusive o ....

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